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Creativity Research, Engaging the Arts and Transforming Education explores the relationship between learning and creativity and the transformative role of the arts in education. Our researchers come from Education, Performance Studies, Medicine and Health, Literature, and the Visual Arts.


Education and the future of work

In a series of co-authored interdisciplinary reports for the Department of Education and UNESCO we have explored the relationship between education and the future of work. These reports discuss the impact of technology and especially artificial intelligence on the labour market and the implications for school education and beyond. 


4C  Transformative Learning

4C Transformative Learning collaborates with teachers, school leaders and students to change schools. We equip and empower leaders and teachers to develop deeper, more relevant and creative learning environments.


4C  Organizations

4C Organizations are experts in learning and organizational transformation and the 4Cs – Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Reflection. We’ve worked with 30+ organizations to create meaningful change, and authored dozens of articles and papers.


Our program is informed by over two decades’ experience in education and professional learning. 4Cs practice creates meaningful, lasting and deep learning. Organizations that develop the 4cs become resilient and agile.


When implemented holistically, the 4Cs can underpin the culture of an organization through periods of disruption and challenge. All organizations – from large corporations, to charities NGOs and schools – can benefit from the 4Cs.


Creative Schools Initiative

Designed to support schools become places where teachers and students can regularly experience the joy of the creative process by:​

  • Providing schools with nuanced and detailed data to suggest ways in which classroom pedagogy might shift across eleven dimensions of creativity.

  • Providing governments with an overall picture of the creative environment of schools

  • Providing advice to governments to understand and measure change caused by different initiatives on the creative environment.