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Working away from trends in government policy, this book takes a future-oriented re-imagining of schools with a focus on four innate human capacities: collaboration, critical reflection, communication and creativity.

Miranda Jefferson and Michael Anderson draw together a diverse range of case studies from around the world, including Australia, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA, to provide a reimagining of education, showing how our schools can be sustainably transformed to be places of support, challenge and joy in learning, meeting emergent needs in our workplaces and wider society.


Threading case studies throughout, readers are guided to see themselves as agents of transformation, empowered to use knowledge and experience to build the reality they would like to see in their school, responding to their questions of diversity, inclusion, and community.


Tranforming Schools

By Miranda Jefferson and

Michael Anderson



Transforming Organisations


Miranda Jefferson and

Michael Anderson


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     More Information.


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    More Information.


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MasterClass in Drama Education

Transforming Teaching and Learning.

By Michael Anderson


Partnerships in Education Research

By Michael Anderson and

Kelly Freebody


Applied Theatre: Research

Radical Departures


By Peter O'Connor, Michael Anderson

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Education and Theatres

Beyond the Four Walls

Editors: Finneran, Michael, Anderson, Michael (Eds.)


How Arts Education Makes a Difference

Editors: Josephine Fleming, Robyn Gibson, Michael Anderson.


Applied Theatre: Understanding Change

Editors: Kelly Freebody, Michael Balfour, Michael Finneran, Michael Anderson.

Articles & Reports


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Selected Grants


  • Neurodidactics of Performing Arts: The Impact of Drama Teaching on Second Language Acquisition, Morosin M, Morosin M, Anderson M, European Union (Marie Curie International Fellowship)/Marie Curie Outgoing International Fellowship

  • Playing Beowulf: Gaming the Library, Anderson M, Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK)/Research Grant

  • Embodying historical consciousness: History and drama in schools, Freebody K, Anderson M, Smyth C, Morrison M, Belliveau G, O'Connor P, Office of Global Engagement/IPDF Grant


  • The Arts Unit Evaluation and Research, Anderson M, Ewing R, Fleming J, NSW Department of Education and Communities/Research Support


Drama and Digital Arts Cultures


By David Cameron, Rebecca Wotzko, Michael Anderson


Teaching the screen:

film education for generation next.


By  Michael Anderson and

Miranda Jefferson


The State of the Art:

Teaching Drama in the 21st Century

Editors: Michael Anderson and

Colleen Roche