Michael is an international keynote speaker on the need for transformation in schools.


He identifies the conditions that make change in schools a necessity rather than a choice.


His keynotes identify the ways that schools need to change to make students ready for the 21st Century.

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 Michael has consulted to the Department of Education, NSW, UNESCO and many schools and other organisations on re-imaging and transforming practices.

In the recent past he has presented on:


  • The 4Cs: a radical transformation to make schools relevant again

  • Combatting Chaos, Complexity and Contradiction with Creativity: how schools can survive postmodern times

  • Creativity and Technology Building capabilities for learning

  • Re-imagining Curriculum, Re-imagining Pedagogy, Re-imaging Learning

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Professional Learning

Michael and the 4C Transformative learning team offer integrated and sustained professional learning around how organizations inside and outside education can transform.



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